15 July 2014

CNIM broadens itsrange of innovative equipment and services dedicated to energy efficiency byacquiring the absorption chiller and heat pump technology developed by theGerman engineering company INVEN.

Converting low-temperature waste heat into useful energy reduces fossil fuel consumption and allows equipment to operate at maximum performance

CNIM has just completed the takeover of the absorption chiller and heat pump business of the German engineering company INVEN Absorption GmbH. This acquisition allows CNIM to gain a stronger presence in the energy efficiency market in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical, energy production and shipbuilding industries. By incorporating INVEN’s technologies and know-how, CNIM is seeking to become a leading international supplier of high-power absorption machines adapted to its clients’ manufacturing processes.

The technology of the absorption machines developed by INVEN makes it possible to produce heat or cold by converting low-temperature waste heat into useful energy. By branching out into this new domain, CNIM is offering its clients solutions to limit their fossil fuel requirements and favor the ongoing energy transition.

This new turnkey offering, which includes the design and manufacture of the equipment as well as all maintenance services, will complement those offered by the various entities and subsidiaries making up CNIM Group that involve waste-to-energy and biomass-to-energy conversion, flue-gas treatment, the refurbishment of thermal power plants, and industrial boiler houses.

Through its subsidiary Bertin Technologies, CNIM Group has already been working with INVEN for several years to introduce innovative applications to the Oil & Gas sector. In France, this work, which has received the backing of the French government and a key Oil & Gas player, helped bring CNIM Group and INVEN closer together by demonstrating the benefits that such a partnership could bring to future clients.

“The INVEN technology developed by Dr Jürgen Scharfe is renowned throughout the world for its reliability and performance. It now forms part of CNIM’s design and manufacturing capacities, and will provide each and every one of the Group’s clients, whether industrial companies, energy producers or shipbuilders, with solutions that meet their economic and environmental priorities,” explains Philippe Demigné, Member of CNIM’s Management Board and President of Bertin Technologies.

About INVEN Absorption GmbH: www.inven.de
Founded in 1995, INVEN is a German engineering company that specializes in the production of cold by absorption and in thermal processes. INVEN has continued the work on absorption machines that Entropie began in France over 30 years ago. Absorption machines based on INVEN’s technology have been sold and installed throughout the world.

About CNIM Group: www.cnim.com
CNIM Group designs and produces turnkey industrial solutions with high technological content, and offers expertise, services and operating solutions in the fields of Environment, Energy, Defense and Industry.
The Group relies on a stable family shareholding, guaranteeing its development. It employs 2,800 people in 15 countries, and generated revenues of €781.9 million in 2013, 67.6% of which came from exports. CNIM is listed on Euronext Paris.

About BERTIN Technologies: www.bertin.fr
A subsidiary of CNIM Group, Bertin Technologies can rely on the expertise of more than 400 engineers and scientists to offer consultancy and engineering services that cover the entire innovation spectrum, from R&D right up to the industrialization and marketing of equipment. It applies its multi-disciplinary expertise to a wide variety of sectors in both France and overseas, most notably the Energy & Environment, Defense & Security, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences and Aerospace sectors.