21 December 2009

CNIM Group General Contractor of a second generation biofuel project

CNIM Group General Contractor of a second generation biofuel project


The French Energy Agency (CEA) proposed the construction of a Biomass-to-Liquid demonstration plant transforming agricultural and wood residues into biofuel in Bure Saudron, located in the north eastern part of France. This complex will be the first integrated unit capable of transforming biomass into biofuel on a single site.

CNIM Group will be the project general contractor. Air Liquide Group will be supplying key technologies for the biofuel production process.

CNIM has a contract with a first firm phase in order to perform the basic and detailed design (duration 16 months) of second generation biofuel plant. The contract also provides optional phases for the construction and the operation of the plant.

The biomass which is used has no possible use for human and animal food. This biomass is processed in a high temperature entrained flow gasification reactor allowing the production of a high quality synthesis gas. The gas is then purified and transformed into biofuel using several technologies (including Gas Purification and Fischer Tropsch synthesis) coming from Lurgi, subsidiary of Air Liquide Group. Air Liquide Group will provide hydrogen, used to optimize the conversion of synthesis gas into biofuel and oxygen necessary for the gasification process. This gasification process will be provided by Choren which is currently starting-up a similar unit in Germany.

CNIM Group will also be assisted by SNC Lavalin, Foster Wheeler France and MSW Energies.

Nicolas Dmitrieff, CEO of CNIM Group declared: "This project illustrates the capacity of the Group to broaden its scope in the domain of environment in which its skills are recognized particularly as regards to waste-to-energy recovery. I am delighted with the choice made by the CEA, one of our longstanding partners, and the association for the project with Air Liquide Group”.