29 September 2017

Defense and security

Bertin IT announces major innovations for banking compliance

Bertin IT’s latest software solution is designed to help entities in the banking sector comply
with the new requirements outlined in European directive MiFID II

Paris, 20 September 2017 - In the lead-up to the new European directive MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments) entering into force in January 2018, Bertin IT introduces the latest innovative features in its MediaSpeechTM speech-to-text solution. The result of Bertin IT subsidiary Vecsys’ renowned expertise and in-depth experience in speech-recognition software, the company’s solution is aimed at helping entities in the banking sector comply with the European directive.

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MediaSpeechTM is a functional solution for complying with three of the MiFID II’s objectives:

  • making pre- and post-trade data available,
  • widespread and comprehensive transaction reporting,
  • extended reporting of transactions.

A powerful decision-making tool aimed at banking compliance management, MediaSpeech™ is a smart tool for processing all recordings of telephone conversations. Thanks to its capabilities to detect the spoken language as well as transcript speech into text, the software is able to manage calls with the same level of reactivity, deepness and comprehensivness as electronic communications. MediaSpeech™ automatically transcribes speech, creating a written history of all conversations. This is a solution for complying with the requirement to save all telephone conversations in order to be able to detect sensitive information as a way of tracing a transaction.

Its agility, expertise, pro-active approach to R&D and experience in developing professional solutions give Bertin IT a head start in efficiently supporting financial institutions as they seek to comply with banking compliance regulations, explains Béatrice Bacconnet, Chief Executive Officer for Bertin IT.

Bertin IT is a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies (CNIM Group).

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