18 November 2021

Treatment and recovery of waste

CNIM will present its new CNIM Digital Twin platform dedicated to improving the performance of waste-to-energy plants at the PREWIN European network meeting - 25-26 November 2021 – Porto

The operators and suppliers of the Waste-to-Energy sector, members of the European PREWIN network, will meet in Porto on 25 and 26 November. On 25 November, Antoni Regnier, R&D Group Leader for Digital Projects at CNIM, and Christophe Cord'homme, Development Director of CNIM Environment & Energy, will present the network’s members with the CNIM Digital Twin platform dedicated to optimizing the operational performance of installations.

A visit of the Porto plant built by CNIM is organized on 26 November.

The Mission of the PREWIN European Network is to support progress towards improved performance and reliability of European Waste-to-Energy plants while maintaining low or reduced emissions to the environment.

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