20 September 2021

Treatment and recovery of waste

Laying of the foundation stone for the RUN'EVA site, the future multi-channel waste treatment and recovery plant in Pierrefonds, La Réunion.

On 10 September 2021, Michel Fontaine, Chairman of ILEVA, the organization in charge of household waste treatment in the south and west of Reunion Island, and CNIM, the contractor for the FUTU'RUN consortium, laid the foundation stone for RUN'EVA in the presence of ILEVA members and Clément Beaune, Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in charge of European Affairs.

ILEVA has entrusted the consortium led by CNIM with the design and construction of the southern waste management plant, as well as its operation for 10 years, with global performance commitments.

Led by CNIM, FUTU'RUN brings together leaders in their respective fields: Spie Batignolles, GTOI, Colas Projects, Bollegraaf, Naldeo, L'Atelier Architectes and Architrav. This is the 293rd industrial facility dedicated to waste recovery built by CNIM.

RUN'EVA is the winner of a call for projects launched by ADEME in 2016 and aimed at supporting actions for the energy recovery of solid waste fuels in mainland France and the French overseas territories.

ILEVA is carrying out this major project to turn the page on the landfill of household waste and to enter a new era of sustainable waste management in Reunion Island, an island territory with exceptional biodiversity recognized by the Unesco World Heritage listing for its terrestrial part and with the natural marine reserve for its maritime part.

A state-of-the-art industrial tool that meets the highest regulatory and environmental standards, the RUN'EVA multi-sector cluster contributes to the end of landfill by transforming unavoidable waste into a resource and contributes to the island's circular economy objectives.

From 2023, RUN'EVA will produce renewable electricity for over 60,000 inhabitants.

  • 200,000 tonnes of waste will be recovered each year and no longer buried.
  • 33,000 tonnes of waste will be sorted for recycling, in addition to that already processed in the existing sorting centres.

RUN'EVA includes 3 channels for the recovery of household waste:

  • sorting of recyclable materials,
  • methanisation of the fermentable fraction of residual household waste and bio-waste,
  • energy recovery from solid recovered fuel (SRF), from non-recyclable waste.

A mechanical sorting unit with an hourly capacity of 50 t/h will separate recyclable materials and the fermentable fraction from household waste.

Two separate anaerobic digestion units with a unit capacity of 15,000 t/year will be fed by the fermentable fraction of household waste and by bio-waste from selective collection. The biogas will be converted into electrical energy.

A solid recovered fuel preparation unit and an energy recovery unit for these SRF into electricity complete the set-up. The plant will be equipped with a horizontal boiler with a thermal power of 65 MW and flue gas treatment systems TermiNOxLAB™ and VapoLAB™ patented by LAB, a subsidiary of CNIM, guaranteeing atmospheric emissions below the limits imposed by future regulations. The turbo generator, with an electrical power of 18.5 MW will supply 60,000 inhabitants.

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