21 March 2019

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New contracts: CNIM continues its collaboration with ITER Organization

CNIM continues its collaboration with ITER Organization and is entrusted with the design and manufacture of high-precision handling equipment as well as on-site assembly of specific tools.

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With its expertise in designing and manufacturing of non-standard equipment, CNIM is once again a key partner and announces the launch of the third phase of the Purpose Built Tools (PBT) framework contract for specific tools dedicated to the on-site installation of ITER’s tokamak components.


*ITER Tokamak, currently under construction at the Cadarache site in France, is the largest experimental reactor in the world designed to produce fusion power


One of the 9 tools in the phase n°1 of the Purpose Built Tools contract: a lifting beam to install the cryostat base section (1,250 metric tons)

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CNIM has also been entrusted with installing the two Sector Sub-Assembly Tools (SSAT) on ITER site (Cadarache, Bouches-du-Rhône, France). The SSATs will be used to assemble each sector* of the vacuum chamber of the fusion reactor before its transfer to the reactor building where they will all be assembled.


* Each Tokamak sector consists mainly of portions of vacuum chamber, heat shielding and two TF coils (superconductor magnets weighing about 400 metric tons).


SSAT assembly : a project now well under way © ITER Org

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