22 March 2021

CNIM Air Space: a new production line dedicated to tethered aerostats and airships

CNIM Air Space inaugurates a new production line dedicated to the assembly of its tethered aerostats and drone airships’ envelopes. 

Measuring 55 meters long, this production line has been set up to fulfil the contracts awarded the past two years while ensuring the quality level expected when manufacturing aeronautics systems. The main equipment of the new production line is a motorized assembly machine which uses several assembly technologies. The machine moves over the line offering a more efficient production technique and the space on the line is optimized. 

On this line, CNIM Air Space will produce the envelopes of its tethered aerostats systems. Those aerostats, which are linked to the ground by a tether, are deployed for 24/7 surveillance or communication missions, lasting from a few days up to several months. Nowadays, they are often deployed for maritime surveillance, securing large events, protecting sensitive sites, etc. The new line will also produce the envelopes of the drone airships developed within a R&D partnership between CNIM Air Space and RTE (the French electricity transmission system operator), called the “Diridrone” project.

Several new jobs will be opened to support the team which is already working on the line.

Read the press release More information on CNIM Air Space website